Blank wedding guest list

When you are planning a wedding, one of the things that you need to keep track of, is the expected guests. You want to know just how many people you are inviting, who is being invited, and if the invitations have gone out. With the help of our wedding guest list template, you will always have the names of the invited in hand, so that you can do all of the above.


Using this template you can create a one sheet, printer friendly, guest list to use as you plan your wedding. Through the use of Microsoft Word®, you and your future spouse can easily edit this document to include everyone in your guest list. You can even remove people from the list if you decide that you have invited too many people.

Free to download, this wedding guest list template can help any couple as they begin the process of planning their wedding.

Blank wedding guest list template,

A blank wedding guest list template

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4 comments on «Blank wedding guest list»

  1. kristen mckee says:

    That it is a template and that it is so easy to use and understand! Oh, and that it was free!

  2. Michele Fonseca says:

    I think the details provided in this list will make keeping track of my wedding details much more simple.

  3. Natasha Beals says:

    Very easy to use and nicely done like it a lot!

  4. Elva Quiroga says:

    Easy and straight to the point

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